Tineco S12 vs Dyson V11 Comparison Review

Dyson is a household name when it comes to stick vacuums. But then, the UK brand is quite expensive, so if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, there’s Tineco, a Chinese brand.

In this Tineco S12 vs Dyson V11 review, we have compared two of the best Pure One and Torque Drive series stick vacuums from the two brands to find out which one is the best choice in 2021.

But just before getting to the details, here is an overview of the two brands, and the two stick vacuums in our comparison.

About Tineco

Founded in 1998, Tineco is a Chinese brand that specializes in high-tech smart appliances. While it is best known for its stick vacuums, Tineco also boasts a list of smart hair dryers. When it comes to stick vacuums, the Tineco PURE ONE S12 is the best choice.

Tineco Pure ONE S12 vs S12 Plus vs S12 M vs S12 M Lite

This is the latest stick vacuum from Tineco and features a 2-in-1 design and a couple of smart features for convenience.
So far, so good, there are four variants of the S12. The big question is, what’s the difference between Tineco Pure ONE S12 vs S12 Plus vs S12 M vs S12 M Lite? That’s an important piece of information every buyer should have at their fingertips.
The S12 M and S12 M Lite are the base models and feature 80 minutes runtime courtesy of the 2000mAh battery.
The difference between Tineco S12 M vs S12 M Lite is the inclusion of the Bluetooth speaker and Wi-Fi camera on the S12 M. Otherwise, all other features are the same.
Now, coming to the higher-end models, the battle is between Tineco PURE ONE S12 vs S12 Plus.
Here, the difference is that the S12 Plus comes with a soft roller brushroll alongside the direct-drive cleaning head.
Another difference, the S12 Plus features a multi-angle adapter and extension hose.

For this review, we really liked the S12 Plus, though, together with the S12, they lack some worthy features, including the Bluetooth speaker and Wi-Fi camera, which the S12 M boasts. Good thing, the S12 and S12 Plus tag along with a more powerful battery that lasts 100 minutes and an LED.

About Dyson

Dyson is a UK appliance brand best known for their upright vacuums, as well as the Dyson 360 Eye. Established in 1991 the company also has bladeless fans, hand dryers, digital motors, and some beauty products. The Dyson V11 Torque Drive is the perfect model to go head-on with the Tineco PURE ONE S12.
Dyson V11 Absolute vs Torque Drive vs Animal

The Dyson V11 is the latest stick vacuum from the UK brand. It is quite similar to the predecessor, the V10, but this one is a step ahead.
Check out our full Dyson V10 vs V11 review to find out more. Here again, there are several variants of the Dyson V11, including the Absolute, Torque Drive, and Animal.
What’s the difference between these three models, and which one is the best?

First things first. While the Dyson V11 Absolute is the best choice in terms of accessories, it’s not available on the US markets. Here, you will only find the Dyson V11 Animal and Torque Drive. The biggest difference between these models is the accessories included.
The Torque Drive consists of a soft dusting brush, a tool the Animal lacks. Another difference, the V11 Torque Drive features an LCD while the Animal has an LED.
Otherwise, all other features are standard – talk of the suction power, and cleaning performance in general.
For this review, we are going to compare the best Tineco Pure One S12 vs Dyson V11 by the Torque Drive generation. We like this model because of the runtime countdown feature, which gives users a heads up on the amount of charge remaining. But still, the Dyson V11 Animal is a worthy stick vacuum, especially if you have pets.
Bluetooth Speaker, Smart Camera and Phone Stand
The Tineco PURE ONE S12 and S12 Plus don’t come with a Bluetooth speaker, the smart camera, or phone stand. Well, these three are really cool features, but we don’t find them very practical features.
The Bluetooth speaker syncs with your smartphone so you can listen to your favorite jams when cleaning.
The smart camera, on the other hand, allows you to view the hard to reach spots from your mobile app.
Last is the phone stand for attaching your smartphone.

Tineco vs Dyson – Similarities and Differences

The Tineco Pure ONE S12 and Dyson V11 share some key features, and in the same token, there are some differences. Here is a summary of how the two stick vacuums compare.
What’s Similar?
Design – The two vacuums share the same design, and both offer 2-in-1 functionality.
Control panel – Both stick vacuums feature a smart and intuitive display panel.
Smart Suction Control – Both vacuums can intelligently adjust suction power.
What’s Different?
Suction power – The Dyson V11 has more suction power compared to Tineco
Battery and runtime – Tineco offers longer operation than Dyson courtesy of a larger battery.
Smart connectivity – Tineco has a model that comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speaker
LED lights – Tineco included LED lights on the cleaning head to help in vacuuming dark spots
Price – Dyson stick vacuums are cheaper on average compared to Tineco

Dyson vs Tineco Face to Face Comparison

Now that we know a thing or two about Tineco and Dyson, let’s get to the finer details.
How does the Tineco S12 vs Dyson V11 battle fair on?

Accessories and Attachments

One of the important considerations when buying vacuums is the attachments and accessories included. Below is a rundown of what you will find in the box of the Tineco S12 Plus and Dyson V11 Torque Drive.
Dyson V11 Torque Drive

  • High torque cleaner head – This is the main cleaning head and comes in handy when vacuuming floors in the stick mode. There are spiral bristles for agitating dirt and picking up debris.
  • Mini motorized tool – This tool is used when the vacuum has been transformed into the handheld mode. Use it to vacuum upholstery, fabrics, and other surfaces.
  • Combination tool – This is a versatile tool that can be used as a short/wide crevice tool or a soft dusting brush. Use it to clean those tight spots between furniture, curtain boxes, and so on.
  • Crevice tool – The combo tool crevice mode isn’t long enough, so Dyson added a longer crevice tool for cleaning in between household fittings.
  • Mini soft dusting brush – This tool features dense, soft bristles making it a nice tool for cleaning fragile surfaces, for example, your precious upholstery, or your suit after carrying your cat or dog.
  • Stubborn dirt brush – As the name suggests, this tool is for handling the tough stains and grime, among other stuck-on dirt. The tool features tough, and firm bristles laid quite apart.
  • Extension wand – This is an attachment that is used when the V11 is in the upright stick mode. Also, the extension wand comes in handy in the event you want to extend your reach.

Tineco PURE ONE S12 Plus

  • Direct-drive cleaning head – This is the main cleaning head and houses a spiral brushroll for agitation and dirt pick up just like in Dyson V11.
  • Mini power brush – This is the equivalent of the mini motorized and is used when the vacuum is set in the handheld mode.
  • Flexible crevice tool – This tool is for cleaning in between tight spots, and one thing we like is that it’s flexible. That makes it ideal for cleaning behind large appliances.
  • Crevice tool – This one is shorter, and also, it’s not flexible.
  • Soft dusting brush – This one is for cleaning fragile surfaces and features a wide dusting surface.
  • Cleaning tools – There’s a manual cleaning tool for cleaning the brushroll and a powered pre-filter cleaning tool.
  • Combo tool – As the name suggests, this one combines two tools; a dusting brush and crevice tool.
  • Extension wand – This tool comes in handy when using the vacuum in the stick mode. It also enhances your reach.

Design and Aesthetics

Can you tell the difference between the Dyson V11 and Tineco S12? That’s what we want to explore in this segment. We are going to check their dimensions and weight, as well as color options.

Dyson V11 Torque Drive

Dyson V11 Torque Drive is 50.6-inches high while the cleaning head is 9.8-inches wide, and 10.3-inches high.
Regarding the weight, the V11 Torque Drive weighs 6.68lbs.
Regarding the colors available, the V11 Torque Drive is available in two color options; nickel/blue and copper.
Tineco PURE ONE S12 Plus

Tineco is a little bit smaller, standing at 47-inches, while the cleaning head is 10-inches by 6-inches.
As for the weight, it’s just 6.6lbs, making it among the lightest stick vacuums we have reviewed so far.
Tineco S12 Plus is available in two color options; black and metallic grey.

Cleaning Performance

This is the most important consideration when shopping for vacuum cleaners. There are several important aspects to assess independently when it comes to the performance of Tineco S12 and Dyson V11.
Vacuum power

Dyson V11 Torque Drive

One of the areas Dyson has excelled in is motor mechanics, and that’s why its vacuums boast high suction power.
The V11, in particular, packs a 125000rpm digital motor that delivers up to 185AW in Boost mode.
There’s also the Eco mode, and this comes in handy when doing light vacuuming.
Another feature worth mentioning is the Auto mode, and here, the vacuum intelligently adjusts suction power depending on the surface it is cleaning.

Tineco PURE ONE S12 Plus

Tineco can’t match the performance of Dyson as far as suction power is concerned, but it is still impressive.
It can put up 150AW when Max power is activated. Just like Dyson, there is a low power setting for light cleaning.
Tineco also incorporated intelligent software that adjusts suction power depending on the surface. Dubbed Smart Suction, the mode can also be manually adjusted.

Cleaning head

Dyson V11 Torque Drive

Dyson V11 Torque Drive comes with a high-torque cleaner head.
One of the main highlights of the system is the Dynamic Load Sensor (DLS), which intelligently detects the brushroll’s resistance up to 360 times per second and adjusts suction power for optimum cleaning.
Also worth mentioning is the stiff nylon bristles for deep cleaning carpets.
The soft anti-static carbon fiber filaments, on the other hand, capture the fine dirt like dust from hard floors effectively.

Tineco PURE ONE S12 Plus

Tineco S12 Plus, on the other hand, boasts a direct-drive brushroll as the primary cleaning head.
One of the top features here is the iLoop™ Dust Sensor technology, and this one automatically senses the amount of dirt and adjusts suction automatically.
Another great feature we like in Tineco’s cleaning head is the LED lights, which means you can vacuum those dark spots effortlessly.


Dyson V11 Torque Drive

Dyson is among the few vacuum brands that use true-HEPA filters.
For starters, these are 99% efficient and can filter down to 0.3 microns. That means the F11 is a great deal for allergy sufferers and homes with pets.
When it comes to maintenance, we are glad Dyson V11 can self troubleshoot courtesy of the display options that alert you when there is a clog, or filter malfunction.
The filters are washable and don’t require frequent replacement. As you may be aware, Dyson V11 is a bagless vacuum, and tags along with a 0.76L bin with the same “point and shoot” design for emptying just like Dyson V10.
Tineco PURE ONE S12 Plus

As for Tineco, we also have a HEPA filtration, and the vacuum puts up some great performance.
The filters are washable, and the unit has a very friendly system that provides alerts and reminds you when maintenance is required.
We also like the Tineco S12 Plus for the Smart Rinse-free Filter Self Cleaning Tool that makes maintenance a buzz.
This is also a bagless vacuum and tags along with a 0.6L bin.

Battery and Runtime

Tineco PURE ONE S12 and Dyson V11 are cordless vacuums, and that means the battery and runtime are important considerations. Obviously, you want a battery that lasts longer, both in terms of runtime and durability.
So, which one of the two models wins this round?
Dyson V11 Torque Drive

Dyson has a built-in 3,600mAh lithium nickel-cobalt aluminum oxide battery that can last for up to 60 minutes.
However note, the runtime depends on the cleaning mode, and also, the usage.
In Eco mode, the Dyson V11 averages 60 minutes.
In Boost mode, the battery gets depleted very fast and will last you for just 13 minutes when using their motorized cleaning head, and 7 minutes with a standard cleaning head.
With the trigger, you can also save power further by controlling suction power.
When it comes to charging, it takes around 270 minutes for the battery to get fully charged.
Tineco PURE ONE S12 Plus

This vacuum tags along with two 2,500 mAh battery packs meaning the battery is detachable, unlike Dyson’s, which is inbuilt.
This is something Shark has also done with the IONFlex 2X DuoClean, and now with two packs, you get 100 minutes cumulatively.
Just like the Dyson V11, runtime depends on the power mode. In low power setting, the runtime is 100 minutes, while in high power setting, and using the direct-drive cleaning head, it did 10 minutes for each battery, taking the total runtime to 20 minutes, which is very impressive.
The recharge time for a single Tineco S1 Plus battery pack is 210 minutes.


How easy is it to use the Tineco and Dyson stick vacuums? That’s also a major consideration if you are in a dilemma on which model to go for. Here, there are several aspects to assess independently.
Ergonomics and handling
Dyson V11 Torque Drive

The Dyson V11 follows in the tradition of the previous Dyson stick vacuums.
The handling is ergonomic, when using both the stick vacuum and handheld modes.
When it comes to maneuverability, the vacuum rolls effortlessly on different surfaces. Dyson can lay flat when the handle is rotated 90 degrees.
That way, you can pick up dirt under the bed, sofas and other furniture with low clearance. A wall-mountable docking station is also provided.
Tineco PURE ONE S12 Plus

The Tineco S12 Plus is no different in terms of ergonomics and handling.
This one too is a 2-in-1 cleaner that can be used in the stick vacuum mode, or handheld mode.
It also rolls smoothly on all surfaces, though, on shaggy carpets; it feels like it’s getting jammed.
We like the flexible wand and the swivel cleaning head, which makes turning effortless as well.
We also like the wall mount supplied, which provides an ideal storage option for the handheld unit and its two attachments.

Control panel

Dyson V11 Torque Drive

The Torque Drive tags along with an advanced digital screen at the back of the handheld unit.
This control panel has more features compared to the predecessor’s, the V10.
The LCD shows the exact runtime remaining in minutes and seconds, and has the basic controls, including the three cleaning modes – Eco, Auto, and Boost mode.
Tineco PURE ONE S12 Plus

The Tineco S2 Plus comes with an All-in-one LED which displays the crucial data. You can see the remaining cleaning time in minutes and seconds.
The vacuum also displays the cleaning mode, and troubleshoots several problems, including dust sensor malfunction, tangled brushroll, or blocked air channels.
The power modes are adjusted via a slider on the handle.


As you can see, each of the two vacuums has advantages and disadvantages as well. At the end of the day, it comes down to your budget and tastes.
If you want to buy a stick vacuum from a trusted brand, and you don’t mind paying more, the Dyson V11 Torque Drive is the best deal.
As for the budget buyers who are willing to take something from the Chinese frontier, the Tineco PURE ONE S12 Plus will be a great purchase. It is cheaper and boasts the same cutting edge technology and features Dyson boasts.

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